Tumblr Tag Cloud (a Web app recommendation)

Some of you may remember that the tag cloud on this site used to load very slowwwwwwly, and some of you may have noticed that it recently got a lot faster.

Tag Cloud

That’s because I’m now using my friend Rubbing Alcoholic’s Tumblr Tag Cloud, instead of Heather Rivers’ older tag cloud solution.

Rubbing Alcoholic’s tag cloud is a PHP app that uses server-side caching for maximum speed and efficiency. Rivers’ script is significantly slower (especially for blogs with a lot of posts, like mine) because it relies entirely on JavaScript to generate the tag cloud each time sometime loads a page on your blog!

If you’re using or craving a tag cloud for your Tumblr, I highly recommend trying Rubbing Alcoholic’s implementation. The only thing is that you need your own server to host it on. It’s free software (MIT license), so you can use, fork, or adapt the code however you please.

I wrote an article for SitePoint on how to install and use Tumblr Tag Cloud on your own Tumblr blog. You can also visit Rubbing Alcoholic’s own Tumblr for more information.